Top Tips For Online Cricket Betting

Online betting, especially online cricket betting, is booming in India. With the introduction of the online mode in cricket betting, the youth of the country who are passionate about the game is also able to take part in it and stand a chance of winning money. Nowadays, with people working tens of hours each week, they hardly get the opportunity to go to offline bookies to place their bets. Online cricket betting has opened the doors for these people as they are able to place bets from anywhere and at any time. 

Becoming skilled at online cricket betting takes hundreds of hours of analyzing and placing consistent bets. Please do not come into online cricket betting thinking that it is easy or it requires luck to win bets and earn money. The experts or sports gurus have become so good at online cricket betting because they learn quickly and adapt when the situation requires them to. You need to be open-minded and keep all the possible phenomena that can occur. For you, we have constituted a list containing various online cricket betting tips. These will help you understand the requirements for winning online cricket bets and how to become a skilled online cricket bettor.  Some of the best points for cricket tips and predictions are:

Finding the ideal website

There are tons of websites on the internet that offer online cricket betting. Finding an ideal website requires spending hours on the internet searching endlessly. People who are new to online cricket betting often have no prior knowledge regarding gambling. They act confused and foolish and are easy targets for scammers. Hence, use websites that are recognized and legal. Use safe bookmakers that have multiple payment methods and make use of a secure domain. The sportsbook maker should provide high joining bonuses and free online cricket bets to help you become familiar with the betting system when you are a novice. It should also offer high odds for your bets and help you earn an extra reward.

In recent times, there are also various apps on mobile that let you place online cricket bets. Make sure the website or app is trusted by other people, and check their online reviews from different online cricket bettors. They should have security certificates, and all transactions should be encrypted. Online bookmakers that do not provide Visa or Mastercard payment options should not be trusted and used to deposit your funds to place online cricket bets. Choose wisely and prevent getting looted of your preciously earned money.

Also, do not think that placing online cricket bets only from one website is better. Always choose the online bookmaker that provides better odds and bonuses. Being loyal to one online cricket betting website is not beneficial. And due to the competitiveness among online cricket bookmakers in the market, there will be some who offer more attractive bonuses or odds to gain higher traffic and bring in new customers.

Take it slow, and don’t place high bets

When starting out, you might feel charged with energy and want to place all your money on online cricket bets in the hope of earning huge returns. But this is not the correct way for beginners. Start with small bets and slowly increase the stake amount. Also, do not make lots of online cricket bets. As a beginner, take bets one by one and climb your way to making more bets as an expert does. Try studying the betting types and use your mind to be aware of all the conditions. First, chow down the basics and then practice different online cricket betting strategies many times until you become confident in your skills.

 Remember getting better at online cricket betting is not like a sprint but like a long and arduous marathon, where you need to practice regularly and put consistent efforts into getting better at it. Also, experts will agree that placing your vast sums of money on the sure favorites in a cricket game is not as beneficial as putting lots of mini bets. The return is not much different, surprisingly, sometimes you will gain more money from these small bets, but the number of risks involved is enormous. The risk involved in high money bets is vast compared to the risk in placing multiple fewer money bets. 

Strategies and tactics

Learning and mastering a few strategies will help you become confident at online cricket betting and will also give you different perspectives of the game. When you are starting out, do not try to act extra clever and use all the possible strategies. This is dumb because to get better at online cricket betting, you need only to get familiar with and get better at using a few tactics. 

Some popular strategies are as follows; dogon strategy, “percentage of bank” strategy, flat betting strategy, Martingale strategy, D’Alembert betting system strategy, counter D’Alembert strategy, Oscar’s grind strategy, and Kelly Criterion. If you are uncomfortable and do not like strategies based on mathematical principles, you can avoid them and go for the simple ones. Try using your free bets to practice these strategies and master them. Use them multiple times before you stake your real money on online cricket bets. 


Understanding and implementing these tips while placing online cricket bets is crucial for you to succeed. These tips are easy to absorb and will help both beginners and experts. You should have a never-dying passion for the game and know everything about it. Be it the players or teams, you should follow them constantly and stay updated with any news concerning them. Do not panic after you start losing online cricket bets; instead, focus on your next one. Having future-oriented thinking will help you get over your past losses and look ahead for a brighter, better future. Keep a routine check on your spending and set a budget that you should never cross while betting online on cricket. Get as much exposure as you can to the game and also have group discussions to help you gain new perspectives and help you understand more about cricket.

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