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Business industry is changing very fast. Nowadays big brands are implementing video platforms in their business arsenal. Twitch – video streaming service has more than 500 million users. That makes it a great place for brands to advertise products and reach potential customers. If you want to start a business project, don’t forget to acquire trusted Twitch followers from experts.

With the plethora of offerings on the market, customers increasingly have a choice of different vendors and even different ways to spend their budget.

It is therefore the customer who has taken power and it is up to the company to seduce him and convince him that it is his product that he should buy.

In fact, a company can no longer afford to lose a prospect by losing its confidence at a key moment in the prospect and customer journey.

This reflection on the optimization of the sales cycle must be integrated from the first contacts, otherwise the prospect may simply give up contacting you if the process is complicated or if your offer does not inspire confidence.

For example, if a prospect downloads a white paper on your site, and this digital book is of poor quality, you will disappoint him and he may not retain you as a referent actor to solve his problem.

It’s the same principle with your homepage, your blog posts… they should demonstrate your expertise.

Otherwise, if a prospect reads content that is too “SEO” without added value, the prospect may think that your company is not serious and that it does not deserve to be included in the list of suppliers to consult.

It is therefore necessary to check that the customer journey is going well, and that the perceived image that you release is indeed the right one.

The ideal being to create a WoW effect.

To create a WoW effect in a prospect journey, there are several marketing strategies:

  • Immediately , for example having a callback within 30 minutes from the person who made a demo request via a form on your website, integrating a chat bot on the company’s site for a first level of response 24 hours a day. 24.
  • Personalize the presentation with a customer-oriented speech (ex: customer cases in different business sectors to download).
  • Build customer loyalty , for example with a voice message left on the mobile’s answering machine following an order.

In the same way, it is important to take care of your texts and your copywriting.

Often small details such as typos in the text, spelling mistakes… can be totally prohibitive for some people.

You are not convinced ?

Here is the result of a survey I launched on Linkedin: out of more than 1200 votes, the worst mistake according to voters concerning a sales page is spelling mistakes.


You must therefore use the right words to convince, in order to be sure of being relevant to your prospects.

What you need to do:

  • Identify the key moments in the prospect and customer journey, and check that there are no major black spots (and that your offer meets expectations). Similarly, review your homepage copy to make sure it’s customer-facing, the value proposition is clear, and the call-to-action is engaging. 
  • Use Google Analytics, and analyze the pages with the most traffic on your site to verify that they are customer-oriented.
  • Improve the conversion of your website, with the implementation of a live chat or a chatbot, systematically place a bonus to download to retrieve the contact details of visitors to your site (competitors being only 1 click away , it is essential to obtain the contact details of your visitors)…
  • Set up a device for analyzing the behavior of Internet users on the site, for example, in order to analyze what Internet users do and think (and no longer assume) with the aim of making continuous improvement of your texts and your design.

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