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Is Lace OK to Wear As a Business Professional Dress Code?

When considering your dress code, you must consider the office dress code. While you may be allowed to wear jeans or casual trousers in some progressive office settings, a business professional dress code requires a certain amount of formality. A blazer is a staple piece of business attire. You should wear a blazer if you are in a formal office, and keep a good rotation of blazer colors. You can experiment with a striped blue or white shirt, but keep your top colors simple. In general, button-down shirts are appropriate for office settings, as are fitted blouses. Avoid cufflinks unless the dress code specifically allows them.

If you plan on wearing a jacket, make sure it has at least six closed buttons. If you choose a jacket with single-row buttons, you might be considered too fashion-forward for business wear. A double-breasted jacket with a few closed buttons is acceptable, but a single row button is too much. A good rule of thumb is to avoid lace altogether.

Unless you are in a creative industry, lace is not appropriate for most offices. Usually, business professional dress codes require a suit and tie, but you can also wear a blouse or a skirt. For shoes, dress shoes are required, and business heels are acceptable for women. You can also opt to wear a blazer with a long jacket.

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