How To Buy Bitcoin From Kucoin In Steps For Beginners

KuCoin offers ETH/USDT pair for trading purposes, which means you can buy or sell Dogecoin (DOGE) against USDT at current prices by using Bitcoin (BTC) as your base currency on their platform.

How To Register An Account

Step 1: Register A Kucoin Account

The first step you should do is register for an account on KuCoin. This can be done by clicking here. Sign up to Coinbase and transfer your Bitcoin (BTC) to KuCoin. You can use MetaMask to make the transfer if you have never used it before.

You will be incited to confirm your character. This step is discretionary, yet if you decide not to check, then, at that point, you can not pull out or store any assets.

Stage 2: Transfer Assets From Your Wallet To Your Kucoin Wallet

Whenever you have enrolled a record and signed in, click on the “Assets” choice inside the principal menu bar. From that point, select “Store” and afterward pick the sort of money you are keeping (for this situation, ETH). Enter the sum you wish to store and click “Deposit Funds.”

Step 3: Add ETH/USDT to your trade window

Now that you have deposited some ETH into KuCoin, it’s time to start trading! Head over to the “Trades” tab at the top of your screen and then click on “ETH/USDT” under “Exchange.” This will create a new window where you may enter any information about how much ETH or BTC price you want to buy into your trade window. You also have options for how many days ago it was when it was last traded so that we can use that data.

Buy ETH/USDT With Your BTC From Coinbase

Click on “Deposits” and choose “ETH” from the drop-down menu next to “Bitcoin.” Then click “Deposit” next to “Ethereum.”

Click “Continue.” You should now see your Ethereum address in the address bar. Copy this address and go back into Coinbase.

Click on “Send” next to your Ethereum address and paste the wallet address at the top of this article into it. Click “Continue” again and wait for your transaction to complete!


In addition, markets are affected by hacks and tricks, and client interest in virtual cash deteriorates with slips in security.

KuCoin broadcasts to be utilized by one out of four crypto brokers worldwide, making it helpless to being an expected objective to digital assaults. Digital money trades that are notable in the commercial center are viewed as safer; hence, it is central that KuCoin sets up a good foundation for itself.

Is Kucoin Secure? What Beginners Should Understand

KuCoin’s reaction to the security episode Following the break, KuCoin adopted a genuine and dependable strategy to keep clients informed about the issue through YouTube live transmissions, coupled with chipping away at the accompanying three fronts:

Wallet Security Overhaul: KuCoin speedily suspended the earlier hot wallet, re-conveyed the wallet framework, and refreshed the gamble control technique for the wallet.

Recuperate Taken Reserves: KuCoin promptly reached trades, tasks, and wallet accomplices to recover the taken assets.


The kuCoin trade, as we would see it, is a completely safe Bitcoin exchange        stage; it’s one of the most fluid commercial centers with billions of dollars in every day exchanging movement, permitting dealers from everywhere over the globe to trade computerized money resources rapidly and economically.

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