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If you have started to generate some interest in crypto you must have read about it. After reading you should be aware by now that trading platforms are required to make a trade like buying and selling different cryptocurrencies. Now, trading platforms can either be highly beneficial for you or they may make things go sideways. This is why selecting a good exchange platform is quite necessary.

Now, where will you get all that information regarding crypto exchanges? If we tell you that you can find all of that under one roof wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s true.  wellcrypto is the site where you can find the most updated information regarding crypto exchanges. However, in this article, we will be reviewing & gate io which are two of those crypto exchanges. We’ll be telling you about their foundations and the pros and cons they hold.


To do a review  we must first mention that it has been one of the most famous and user-friendly crypto exchange platforms. It is popular for crypto exchanges and tokenized assets. The platform was established and founded by Victor prokopenya. The partner of this exchange is which is another big name. Many benefits come with choosing this platform over others, for trading crypto. First of all, you can trade digital assets, metals and stocks of big companies. This is known as tokenized assets. Another benefit that comes with it is that the platform is highly regulated and you can trade cryptocurrencies without the fear of high commissions or fees. is also one of the most secured platforms to do trading. They are regulated by Belarusian law and they are also registered with FINTRAC. Furthermore, they are also regulated by international anti-money laundering standards.


  • Trading with them in fiat is not available
  • There can’t be any staking
  • The system may have a delayed response to transactions on a busy day.


Talking about famous crypto exchanges, we can’t forget to mention To start with gate io reviews we must initiate with the wide range of digital currency trades that take place from this platform. aims to be a universal place where not only you can trade but also find information regarding other tokens. If we look at the number or volume of trade in the past years, breaks into the top beating other platforms. may not be famous for its name around the globe. However, it is efficient in what it does. The platform was founded in 2013 in China. Earlier it was considered a BTER service. Nonetheless, in 2017 they moved to the US and from there onwards the platform was run by an American corporation known as Gate Technology Inc.


  • Talking about the demerits of the site, one thing stands out negatively. They have a high commission per trade which is 0.2% per trade. This is quite a high percentage if compared to their competitors.
  • If you speak any other languages than English, Japanese and Korean, this might be a nightmare for you. To send a ticket of request for customer support you need to be able to understand any of the three languages.

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